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Building businesses that last generations


Our Story

General Management Group (GMG) is an international investment group specializing in the investing and revitalization of distressed assets in up-and-coming markets. We have been able to create unparalleled value and returns for our partners and investors through our unique acquisition criteria, and extensive knowledge of distressed operations. With hundreds of distressed acquisitions performed by our team both in the US and overseas, we have produced long-term and sustainable growth.


Our purchases of fixed and operating assets range from real estate to operating small to mid-sized businesses spanning a wide variety of industry sectors and applications.


GMG's work goes beyond simply the acquisition or exit; we strategically revitalize and invest in existing talent and our team is actively engaged in the day-to-day operations. 

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Creating effective and long-lasting relationships empowers the success of our work and the communities where we do business. Our strong connections among customers, vendors, financial institutions, and investors, are crucial and valued.


From the acquisition of a new investment through the exit, all our projects deserve and receive the same dedication and considerateness from the beginning to the middle to the end. 


A strategic and mindful approach shepherds all our work. This is elemental to how we carry out our work and treat our colleagues and partners in and out of GMG.

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